My Academic Advisor will answer all your questions, provide a wealth of information and ease your concerns about the college application process. Each student and their family receives  individualized, ongoing  advice and support that is personalized to each student’s circumstance. My Academic Advisor provides the tools every student needs to successfully navigate through the college admissions process! 

Students are advised to utilize their school resources, and develop relationships with teachers and administrators. Although school counselors are knowledgeable about college prep and the admissions process, many counselors do not have the time or resources to provide each student with individualized attention. The average student to counselor ratio at many high schools in Texas is 450 to 1 or greater. In addition, budget cuts at many high schools have forced schools to eliminate college counseling programs. As a result, college related resources are often unavailable, not current, or limited. To ensure a promising future, students must receive individualized attention and support in order to maximize their talents, interests, and opportunities.


  • The college admissions landscape is increasingly competitive and complex.
  • Students and parents must have up-to-date information because college/university application requirements change from year to year.

Students utilizing My Academic Advisor receive personalized advice and the support to create a college action plan that capitalizes on their strengths and emphasizes their talents.  Using detailed assessments and evaluation, advisors identify each student’s specific needs along with their personal and academic goals. Incorporating My Academic Advisor resources will ensure each student and their family explores all college options available, and makes decisions based on the students learning style and personal goals.

The cost of a college education is escalating. Students who live at home and attend a state university can expect to spend $30,000-$50,000 to complete their undergraduate degree. Earning a degree while living away from home at a Texas state school is likely to cost $80,000. Earning a degree away from home at a private school can cost up to $250,000. Investing in an independent college counselor to ensure your student is thoughtful about his or her school options may be a wise use of funds.


Students report that working with My Academic Advisor helped them to:

  • reduce stress in the student/parent dynamic
  • hear an unbiased perspective regarding colleges, financial aid, and the search and admission process
  • determine what types of colleges would best suit them
  • plan college visits
  • practice interviewing
  • become better writers
  • tell a distinctive story that showcases strengths and what a student would contribute to the community
  • improve time management skills
  • finish all applications before winter break
  • ensure college and scholarship applications are completed by the deadlines
  • review acceptance and financial aid offers with the family
  • discuss college finances and comfort level related to loans


Mrs. Duncan provided me with honest, unrelenting assistance that I could not find anywhere else. As a transitioning college student, I had so many questions and each step of the college process presented a new challenge. Paperwork and clerical issues were difficult but choosing the right university for me and finding a way to fund it was by far my biggest feat.

Layla, Southern Methodist University

Mrs. Duncan was so helpful to me by making sure I am college ready. She always believed in me and never settled for less. She was up to date with any and every scholarship for me to apply for. During the application process she helped me go through every step, whether it was on which school and major to choose, financial aid and more! Any and every question you have, don't be afraid, she always has an answer. She helped with essays, resumes, and I'm sure I couldn't have done any of this without Mrs. Duncan, especially since I am the oldest child and my parents had no clue on what to do. One thing that stuck out to me the most is that she always encouraged us to follow our dreams, and don't let the word "no" keep you from achieving those dreams. She cares so much for our success. Mrs. Duncan is so passionate about what she does, which makes her an amazing advisor. I am so grateful for Mrs. Duncan without her I don't think I would even be here at Stephen F. Austin.

Angeliz, Stephen F. Austin University

Mrs. Duncan has this dedication and drive to seek out potential in everyone! Mrs. Duncan put me on the track to success. I know without a shadow of a doubt I wouldn't be at Texas A&M University on full scholarship if not for her help.

Manuel, Texas A&M University

Mrs. Duncan’s help in applying for colleges really paved the way to the college of my dreams. By looking at my goals and aspirations, she was able to composite a list of school that would best benefit me in the future. She had the connections and resources that as a senior in high school I would have never been able to find out about, and she always went out of the her way to help me with any questions or concerns that I had while applying for colleges by reaching out to college advisors and possibly any personal connection she may have had. To take it a step further, she even gathered a list of extracurricular activities that would build a strong resume and highlight my assets as a student. Not only did she know how to apply to colleges, but she also gave insight that many other teachers and counselors that I had at school could not provide me with such as what was most important to emphasize on my resume and college essays while applying. Acceptance wasn’t the only goal for Mrs. Duncan and I, I was given a substantial list of scholarships that I could apply for that could help me better finance my way through four years of college and Mrs. Duncan provided advise that would also make me shine on scholarship applications as well. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be attending the best school in Texas.

Tammie, University of Texas