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Determination of Intellectual Disability
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What is a Determination of Intellectual Disability?

A Determination of Intellectual Disability (DMR) is completed by a licensed psychologist or a licensed physician. A DMR is an assessment to determine a diagnosis of intellectual disability. This assessment is required before a person can receive intellectual disability services from StarCare. The DMR includes the following components:

  • Psychological testing completed by our psychology staff (if previous cognitive and sociobehavioral assessments have not been completed);
  • A review of medical records including previous assessments of cognitive and sociobehavioral abilities (if previous assessments have been completed).  For example, the review may include intelligence testing previously completed by a school district;
  • A final report documenting the results of the assessment and determining eligibility for intellectual disability services.

Will my child or loved one be interviewed?

Whether or not your child or loved one participates in an interview depends on if there is a previously completed assessment of intelligence and measure of sociobehavioral functioning.  Sociobehavioral functioning refers to an assessment of the skills and abilities associated with or necessary for independent living. If your child or loved one has never been tested or has not been tested in a long time, he or she will need to participate in an interview and participate in psychological testing. If he or she has a current assessment, no further interview or testing is necessary.  Eligibility for services can be determined by reviewing previous test results.

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