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Local Planning and Network Development
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Local Planning & Network Development
The Rule Formerly Known As Provider of Last Resort

What is LPND?

StarCare is required by law to develop an implementation plan that assembles a network of service providers in which the Center can only serve in certain limited circumstances. This applies only to mental health services that are funded by the state. The implementation plan, known as Local Planning and Network Development (LPND), must reflect local needs and priorities and maximize consumer choice and access to qualified service providers.

The goal of this process and plan is for Centers to incorporate strategies to ensure continuous consumer access to services while the Centers increasingly expand the network of providers; maintain a steadily decreasing share of services. The desired outcome is for consumers to have choice from among multiple service providers and for the Centers to provide management and oversight of the provider network.

The extent to which this goal can be achieved and how quickly it can be reached will depend on the circumstances, needs, and preferences of the local communities served by each Center.

StarCare will gather and obtain input from its stakeholders regarding such things as:

  • Service needs and priorities of children, adolescents, and adults;
  • Crisis response system and services;
  • Development of the external provider network; and
  • Other significant issues and concerns.

Under the new rules and requirements, the Center can only be a Provider of services if:

  • There are no interested qualified providers
  • There is only 1 other qualified provider
  • The responding qualified providers do not propose to meet at least 100% of the DSHS contract target population or meet the same level of current access to services
  • The Center must maintain some services to preserve critical infrastructure
  • Existing agreements impose restrictions on the Centerís ability to contract a portion of services because therProvider Network Development Plan:

    Contracted Provider Roster: StarCare currently contracts with the organizations and individuals listed on the following roster for mental health and support services. Contracted Provider Roster