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Individuals who receive services from StarCare Specialty Health System have certain rights. Every person who receives services is afforded the same rights, benefits and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, except when lawfully restricted.

A complete copy of an your rights is given to you at the time of your assessment. These rights are explained by a staff member when your are admitted to services. You have the right to complain, comment, make suggestions and appeal decisions about your treatment.

Consumers have the right to:

  • Make decisions about their care
  • Be treated with respect and dignity by service providers
  • Receive appropriate and relevant information about their care
  • Have their diagnosis and information about their treatment remain private
  • Obtain copies of their medical records
  • Receive emergency care from the nearest emergency room
  • Be free from discrimination based on actual or perceived disability, age, race, country of origin or sexual orientation

When can the rights of a consumer be restricted?
Rights can only be restricted when:

  • A person is a danger to self or others
  • A person is not capable of understanding a decision to be made
  • The exercise of a right would be detrimental to the welfare of that person

However, due process must be followed to restrict any of a consumer's rights.

Who can I contact for questions or complaints concerning a consumer's rights?
If you, a family member or friend has a question regarding a consumer's rights, you may call the StarCare Human Rights Officer or Consumer Relations Representative at any time.

  • Human Rights Officer
    (806) 789-2546
  • Consumer Relations Representative
    (806) 766-0327 or (806) 773-7857

Will information about a consumer and their situation be kept confidential?
In accordance with federal law, no information concerning people currently and previously receiving services will be released without signed, written consent by the person, except in emergency situations and certain legal situations.

How can a decision be appealed regarding the type and frequency of a consumer's services?
An individual has a right to appeal the level and types of services they are receiving. They may also appeal the denial or termination of services. To appeal, call:

  • Utilization Management Department
    (806) 740-1517

If an individual would like support or assistance in appealing a treatment decision, they may call the Consumer Relations Representative.

  • Consumer Relations Representative
    (806) 766-0327 or (806) 773-7857

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