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Our workforce is dedicated to providing the people we serve with choices, opportunities and dignity.  We strive to help each person achieve their personal goals and outcomes.

Consumer Relations Representative
StarCare Specialty Health System has a Consumer Relations Representative on staff assigned to work hand-in-hand with consumers on issues concerning their relationship with the center.  The Consumer Relations Representative handles consumer complaints, conducts surveys and gets feedback to help consumers find resolutions to their issues.   

Consumer Relations Representative
904 Ave. O
PO Box 2828
Lubbock, TX 79408-2828
(806) 787-9570 or (806) 789-2546 

Consumer Involvement Opportunities
StarCare Specialty Health System encourages consumers to participate in the review, planning and development of our services.  Family volunteers are also welcome.  Here are some of the ways you can participate:

  • Volunteer to be on the Advisory Committee.  This group makes recommendations about issues such as strategic planning.  This role is more formal and structured. 

  • Become a consumer volunteer.  Some of the volunteer activities available include conducting surveys, typing, filing, delivering mail, working with other consumers, teach and more.  

If you are interested in more information about becoming a volunteer for StarCare, please read about our volunteer opportunities.




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