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Personal Outcome Measures
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Personal Outcome Measures describe the outcomes or results that people want from their services or supports.  In other words, the quality of the service or support is determined by the recipient of the service or support, not the provider. 

Reference Source:
Personal Outcomes Measures, 2000 edition
2nd Edition, Copyright 1997
The Council on Quality and Leadership

People choose personal goals.
People choose where and with whom they live.
People choose where they work.
People have intimate relationships.
People are satisfied with services.
People are satisfied with their personal life situations

People choose their daily routine.
People have time, space, and opportunity for privacy.
People decide when to share personal information.
People use their environments.

People live in integrated environments.
People interact with other members of the community.
People perform different social roles.
People have friends.
People are respected.

People choose services.
People realize personal goals.

People are connected to natural support networks.
People are safe.

People exercise rights.
People are treated fairly.

Health and Wellness
People have the best possible health.
People are free from abuse and neglect.
People experience continuity and security.


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