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"The Organizing Principles are the basic organizational action strategies that facilitate personal outcomes for people receiving services and supports.  They represent a collection of best and promising practice from organizations that have successfully designed and delivered services based on a personal outcomes approach.  As such, the organizing principles provide a benchmark for organizations considering a personal outcome orientation to services and supports."

Reference Source:
Personal Outcomes Measures, 2000 edition
2nd Edition, Copyright 1997
The Council on Quality and Leadership


L1.   The organization defines its primary customer.
L2.   People served exercise leadership through choice and self determination.
L3.   The organization emphasizes the values of listening, responsiveness, respect, and support for desired outcomes.
L4.   The organization links service users, families and providers to promote individual relationships and increase system capacity.
L5.   The organization appoints service users to the board of directors.
L6.   The organization clearly defines expectations for staff competency and performance.
L7.   The organization regularly evaluates and provides feedback to its staff on their performance.
L8.   The organization has a strategy for developing relationships with other agencies/providers in its service area.


S1.   The organization has a clear statement of its mission.
S2.   The organization implements a strategy for listening to and learning about each individual.
S3.   The organization promotes coordinated systems of services that are responsive to the needs and desires of service users.
S4.   The organization provides service users and other organizations with relevant information.
S5.   The organization has a strategy for hiring, nurturing, and sustaining staff.
S6.   The organization provides opportunities for staff training and personal development.
S7.   The organization has a clear personnel development strategy for increasing staff and volunteer competence in facilitation, problem solving, and negotiation.
S8.   Organizational systems promote personal dignity and respect.
S9.   Organizational systems promote continuity and security.
S10.   Organizational systems promote natural support relationships.

Quality Management and Planning

Q1.   The organization has a process for eliciting and analyzing feedback on services and supports from service users, employees and providers.
Q2.   The organization periodically analyzes and documents the relationship between resource allocation and personal outcomes attainment.
Q3.   The organization has a process for collecting and analyzing information.
Q4.   Information analysis results in strategies for organizational quality improvement.
Q5.   The organization's knowledge management system is based on information about aggregated individual needs and resources within the service area.

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