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This Code of Conduct has been established by StarCare Specialty Health System (‘Center’) to provide standards by which employees of our Center will conduct themselves in order to protect and promote organizational-wide integrity and to enhance our Center’s ability to achieve the Center’s mission.

The Code of Conduct sets forth the policy of the Center. The Principles set forth in this Code of Conduct are distributed annually to all employees. All employees are responsible for ensuring that their behavior and activities are consistent with the Code of Conduct.

As used in this Code of Conduct, the term “Center,” means StarCare Specialty Health System. The terms “officer”, “director”, “employee” and “volunteer” include any persons who fill such roles or provide services on behalf of the Center.


Legal Compliance
We strive to ensure all activity by or on behalf of the organization is in compliance with applicable rules, laws and regulations.

Business Ethics
In an effort to continuously promote our Center’s commitment to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, we accurately and honestly represent the Center and do not engage in any activity or scheme intended to defraud anyone of money, property or honest services.

We strive to maintain the confidentiality of consumers and other confidential information in accordance with applicable legal and ethical standards.

Conflicts of Interest 
The Board of Trustees and all employees owe a duty of loyalty to the organization. Persons holding such positions do not use their positions to profit personally or to assist others in profiting in any way at the expense of the organization. We avoid conflicts of interest between work and personal affairs.

Business Relationships 
Business transactions with vendors, contractors and other third parties are transacted free from offers or solicitation of gifts and favors or other improper inducements in exchanges for influence or assistance in a transaction.

Protection of Assets  We strive to preserve and protect the Center’s assets by making responsible and effective use of the Center’s resources.

Health Care Fraud
Health care fraud is a crime.  StarCare is committed to assuring our own compliance.  We maintain a toll-free Compliance Line to receive confidential reports from anyone who is aware of a violation of our Code of Conduct. 

  • Compliance Line
    Toll-free (866) 767-1717

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