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Ted Sparks Community Service Award, 2009

Six years ago we presented the first Ted Sparks Community Service Award, named in honor of our Chief Fiscal Officer who worked with the Center for 20 years. This very prestigious award is given in memory of Ted, whose idealism, compassion and dedication to the Center’s mission of serving people in need will forever encourage us to be strong in our endeavors.

This year the Ted Sparks Community Service Award was presented to Lowe’s Market Place. Throughout the year, Lowe’s was extremely generous to the Children and Adolescent program. They provided countless items to benefit the program and were always very interested in the work that’s being done in the Children & Adolescents program. The generosity of Lowe's Market Place has enabled this program to provide many fun activities for the kids they serve.    

Accepting this award on behalf of Lowe’s was Mr. Danny Watson, Manager of the 34th & Quaker Ave. location.


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